Monday, March 15, 2010

Pork Green Chili Stew

This recipe was a request from a long time friend and blog reader, Amanda. I hope you enjoy it Amanda!

This stew is better the second day when the flavors have a chance to meld. I really like to use the left overs for breakfast, try topping a fresh fried corn tortilla with scrambled eggs, cheese and green chili and you've got a great breakfast!

Green Chili and Pork Stew
makes 8 servings

1.5 lb pork loin cut into chunks
4 anahaim green chiles, roasted and seeded (if desired) (can sub. 2 small cans green chiles)
2 jalapanos, roasted & seeded (if desired)
1 pablano pepper, roasted & seeded (if desired) (can use bell pepper instead)
6 cups chicken stock
1 onion, diced
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 t cumin, fresh toasted & ground if possible
2 bay leaves
2-3 roma tomatoes, diced
about 1 t kosher salt
1/8 t black pepper
1/2 cup flour

Cut pork into cubes. In a dutch oven heat 1/2 the EVOO over medium high heat. Once its hot add 1/2 the pork, cook until nice & browned on at least 2 sides. Repeat with remaining oil and pork. Remove pork from pan and reserve.

Cook onions and garlic in the same pan, scraping bottom of pan as vegetables release their juices. Once the onions start to brown add the chicken stock, scraping the bottom to deglaze pan. Bring to a simmer.

Puree the peppers in a food processor, adding chicken stock from the pan as needed to create a thick paste of peppers. Add pepper puree to the stock and onions and stir well.

for more info on roasting peppers indoors click here.

Add the pork to the stew mix, allow to simmer over medium low heat for a few hours.

Make a slurry of flour and 2/4 c water. Add the slurry to the pot, along with the diced tomatoes. Cook about 15 minutes to incorporate flavors and allow stew to thicken somewhat.

Serve with cheese, sour cream, tortillas or corn bread.

Nutrition Facts provided by SparkPeople Recipe Calculator
8 Servings
Amount Per Serving
Calories 252.4
Total Fat 11.7 g
Saturated Fat 3.8 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 1.5 g
Monounsaturated Fat 5.6 g
Cholesterol 60.8 mg
Sodium 911.0 mg
Potassium 492.7 mg
Total Carbohydrate 11.3 g
Dietary Fiber 1.5 g
Sugars 2.7 g
Protein 25.2 g


Sook said...

I love green chili! This sounds so good.

Scuttleboose said...

I wish I loved spicy food, cause I'd love this! Perhaps I'll try it for my husband, and make some for myself without the jalapeƱos! :)

Staci Reynolds said...

mmmm.....yummy yummy yummy. i'm coming over. cook this for me!! :)

Kim P said...

holy moly this is the best green chili that i have ever made and my husband wants me to make it again. i will double the recipe and freeze some for another day. it was good on everything that we put it on.

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